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Search engine queen Ali Liebert

On my personal website, I sometimes write updates about my actual, non-blog life and post photos of my friends and sometimes if they’re famous or niche famous, I’ll tag them. One friend in particular that gets more Google hits on my site than any other is Ali Liebert. She’s a Canadian actress who just scored a Leo nomination for her role as the butchy lesbo on the show Bomb Girls, which is one of the highest rated dramas in Canadian TV history. She also just launched a production company and is generally owning life in so many ways. People from all over the world want to know about Ali so they Google her name and wind up on my site. I thought I’d exploit her internet popularity and the fact that she’s my friend and catch up with her to share in the excitement of her life.

It should be known that a few years ago, Ali and I were part of this organically formed support group, for lack of a better word, called The Blazing Pussies (she came up with the name). It consisted of three actors and two writers, all female, who’d meet up weekly and talk about goals and struggles and everything else that we were going through. So basically, I’m really proud to know where Ali once was in her life and see her come so darn far. Without further adieu, here are the best parts of a chat we recently had.

Ali Liebert on her newly launched production company, Sociable Films.

Michelle Ouellet, Nicholas Carellastarted and I started it over a year ago. Everything’s coming together. I went to Elton John’s Oscar party two years ago with Cory (Monteith from Glee), I was sitting next to S. Epatha Merkerson, from Law and Order. Embarrassingly enough I didn’t know who she was. She asked me if I was an actress. And I asked if she was too. We get chatting and she grasped my hand like she was grasping the younger generation and she was like “Don’t just be an actress. Make your own work.” And I was like “Bing!”

We’re going to be in the business section of the Sun this week and we had an article in Playback online. It’s a trio. We’re all producers, co-owners, co-creators. Our roles are going to be shifting project per project. We started an improv feature called Afterparty and we’re going to be shooting on weekends in June. It’s like a big co-operative. The three of us are unbreakable. We’ll read anyone’s script, anyone who wants to work with us, we’re open. It’s a group collaborative program.

Ali Liebert on people Googling her name.

I’m happy people are looking on your site although I think you told me once that people were looking for naked photos of me. And that’s weird. And no one’s going to find shit.


Ali Liebert on the last time I saw her, in New York, and we went to Hannibal Buress’s night at the Knitting Factory and we were sexy dancing after the show. (I was sexy dancing because I wanted to attract the attention of Aziz Ansari, which didn’t work.)

Sometimes I dance when I feel awkward. It’s just that awkward time after the show, and you make me dance. I can dance anywhere. I wasn’t trying to attract suitors because I was already in love with my boyfriend.

Ali Liebert on being in a relationship when she’s clearly desired by fans, based on the amount of people who Google her name looking for photos of her. Also, Ali Liebert on playing a butch lesbian with a rabid internet following.

I was doing an interview with After Ellen. The interviewer knew I was straight, she’d done her detective work. She knew I was just another straight girl playing a lesbian. I have never had the type of fan base that I’ve had with Betty McCrae  (her character on Bomb Girls). There’s a Fuck Yeah Betty McCrae Tumblr site. All the videos to songs and gifs. It’s so crazy. It’s never happened to me before. It’s exciting. I don’t look at too much stuff because it’s me, but it’s not me. I have a detachment when I look at it. It’s like I’m looking at someone else in a weird way. I’ve seen naked sketches of my character Betty and the character Kate. And there’s full on fan fiction. It’s flattering that people are spending time thinking about it. It’s wonderful for the show, and it’s also really important and amazing to have a visually butch lesbian on TV. Just to represent a more masculine, butchy lesbian is great. I’m really glad to portray her and I don’t know what’s up for next season.

Ali Liebert on having a really top notch year as an actor.

Two thousand eleven was amazing for me because it was all dramatic roles in really legit, dramatic pieces. Considering I almost quit acting in 2010, it’s crazy that I hit a wall, didn’t want to do the grind anymore and then I had the best year of my career. I did a Robert Townsend film, and Foxfire (based on the novel) and then Bomb Girls. Then this year is blossoming into a kick-ass year too. I have a Leo nomination, production company, a second season of Bomb Girls. I’m fucking really happy dude.

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